cauliflower crunch

cauliflower crunch

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full belly cauliflower crunch is our #1 seller simply because no other pickled cauliflower has the depth of flavor, crunchy texture and pure culinary enjoyment that we pack into every jar. Fresh ginger, garlic and Turmeric along with our blend of whole spices creates a brine that renders a curry pickled cauliflower fantastic out of the jar, as an ingredient in salads, chicken, pork and rice dishes or anytime you have a taste for the incredible. 

Ingredients: cauliflower, apple cider vinegar, water, cane sugar, kosher salt, red bell pepper, sweet onions, carrots, fresh garlic, fresh ginger, black peppercorns, spices, crushed red pepper

1 oz Serving: Calories 15, Fat 0%, Cholesterol 0%, Sodium 170mg, Total Carbs 4g, Sugars 3g,   Protein 0g

This product is all natural and free from gluten, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, high fructose corn syrup or additives of any kind. full belly products are fresh pickled vegetables, never cooked, processed or pasteurized so they retain their nutritional value, color and crunch and have a 6 month refrigerated shelf life.