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hot giardiniera - oil free

Hey! How about a Giardiniera with flavor, crunch and a good amount of heat without the indiscernible vegetables, muddied flavors, greasy mouthfeel or prolonged burn? Getting the idea? Once again full belly has the answer that will produce a feeling of pure euphora and ecstasy in all lovers of Giardiniera. ABSOLUTELY ZERO OIL! full belly oil free giardiniera  deservedly belongs on every hot dog, brat, burger, pizza, salad, pasta or cooked in as an ingredient with scrambled eggs, rice dishes, chicken and pork. Don't be limited by your imagination simply put it on everything! 
Ingredients: distilled vinegar, water, cauliflower, carrots, celery, sweet onions, serrano chiles, red bell pepper, cane sugar, kosher sea salt, habanero pepper, fresh garlic, black peppercorns, crushed red pepper
1 oz Serving: Calories 10, Total Fat: 0%, Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 125mg, Total Carbs 3g, Sugars 2g' Protein 0%
This product is all natural containing no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, high fructose corn syrup or additives of any kind. full belly products are fresh pickled vegetables, never cooked, processed or pasteurized so they retain their nutritional value, color and crunch and have a 6 month refrigerated shelf life.